The information relating to domestic torture laws has been adapted from the Compilation of Torture Laws tool available on the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) website, available here.

Date of ratification UNCAT: 24 October 1986

Relevant Laws

• Law on the Establishment of Prison and Imprisonment Rules of 1975 (Law No. 14.470, 2 December 1975)
• Law on the cooperation with the international criminal court to combat genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity of 2006 (Law No. 18.026, 25 September 2006)

Relevant Articles

• Prohibition of Torture:
o Article 1 of Law No.14.470
• Definition of Torture:
o Article 22 of Law No. 18.026
• Penalties:
o Article 22 of Law No. 18.026
• Others:
o Lawful Sanctions: Article 22 of Law No.18.026

* Information compiled December 2008

Country file can be accessed via APT website here.